Walter Helwich

You can find the basic info on me further down in the text. My name is Walter Helwich, I love where I live and I love what I do. This blog is not going to be focused on any specific topic and will here I will discuss a wide range of things, such as my hometown and other aspects that I find interesting, like movies, sports, books etc. I intend on posting pictures, interesting news articles that I, being Walter Helwich, like and maybe even videos on my Vimeo profile.

Walter Helwich is a research fellow (since 1995) and associate professor at the College of Art and Design (2005) where he teaches visual and contemporary arts. Walter has also taught Urban Design at the Volenberg University in Copenhagen (1999-2001). He holds MA (1979) from the Yale University on classical literature. In 1985 Walter went specializing in France, and 1992 in Germany.

In the course of a long scientific and professional life, Walter M Helwich took part in national and international projects and has published a number of studies, articles, books and videos on YouTube regarding developments in the movie industry and global climate changes. Mr. Helwich has published many papers in international conferences in the field of refugee migrations and statistics, participated with papers at national conferences of climate change and has organized sessions on the most interesting topics in the field of ocean pollution.

Now in his retirement Walter Martin Helwich likes to read books, watch movies and travel. He hosts several websites. Covering various subjects from literature, urban culture, and travel destinations and is one of the most respected authors judged by the number of visitors at his websites. Walter Helwich is also active posting video reviews on Dailymotion.

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