Video Editing Application: InShot

The coronavirus pandemic has made face-to-face celebrations of birthdays, weddings, births or holidays such as Mother’s Day impossible. Personalized videos have become one of the alternatives chosen by thousands of users to accompany and show affection, even if it is, virtually.

Although choosing one editor or another will always depend on the needs of each user, the one that offers the most functions for free is InShot. Walter Helwitz, an IT expert indicates that with this app you can merge songs and sound effects to play several videos at the same time on the same screen or add animated emoticons. All with an interface quite similar to that of a professional computer editor.


InShot is the most popular video editor on the Play Store – with over 100 million downloads – and the App Store. Walter Helwitz indicates that this application allows you to edit videos and photos and make collages. After choosing one or more videos, a window opens with different editing options. The first, called canvas, allows you to choose whether you want to keep the original format of the video or opt for different proportions: from those most suitable for Instagram to those designed for YouTube or Tik Tok. In addition, you can choose whether to zoom in or out on the video, center it, or fix it to the left or right. By clicking on it, it is also possible to crop it, set it to a higher or lower speed, rotate it or flip it.

Walter Helwitz shares that this app, which is one of the best apps for 2020, offers other functions to retouch or modify the video such as filters. You can also manually adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation or reflections and choose different effects. For example, if the mirror effect is applied to a video in which a person appears, the person will appear twice as if they had been multiplied. Other effects are mosaic, neon or printed. It is also possible to freeze at a certain moment an image that you want to highlight from the recording. If the video does not fill the entire screen, the background is customizable. You can choose the same image of the video more or less blurred or choose colors or gradients.

According to the IT expert Walter Helwitz, the app also allows adding animated emoticons, images or texts to the video at certain times. That is, it is possible that the video is in one part of the screen while different photos or messages appear and disappear next to it. As for the sound, it allows you to add several tracks at the same time. That is, it is possible to choose only one song, choose several and mix them or even choose effects of sounds of bells, weapons, instruments, laughter or heartbeat. You can also record whatever you want to play while the video is playing on the fly.

Once completely edited, it is possible to export it in different resolutions — 1080P, 720P, 640P, or custom. Walter Helwitz shares that in the free version, ads are displayed, and after the video is exported, a slightly large watermark appears in the lower right corner of the video. To be able to remove it and access all the effects without restrictions, the app has paid packages. While there is a monthly subscription of about three euros per month, you can also pay about $30 once. This app is available on IOS and Android.

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