Walter Helwich: Making the Invisible Visible

Walter M Helwich is a research fellow. Since 2005 he serves as an associate professor at the College of Art and Design. There he teaches visual and contemporary arts. From 1999 to 2001, Walter has also taught Urban Design at the Volenberg University in Copenhagen.

Walter’s Low-key Presence

Walter Helwich does not believe that artistic work should be “seen,” only “heard.” The most intense emotion is on the mind. The performances are his way to show off artwork. “Visual art has been closely tied to popular culture, and culture is not for the spectator. At least it has not been for me. I wanted to write, and a novel would have solved that, but no, I continued to write essays. Besides that, Walter also writes for a magazine of visual and contemporary art. My essays are about individual artists and about how their work relates to the larger traditions of art and aesthetics.

Walter Helwich

You say you’re “an experimental illustrator and writer.

Walter Helwich’s Work

Walter Helwich

Working in a cross-disciplinary format, Walter Helwich’s works address the specific and social aspects of urbanism and the relationship between cities and their surrounding landscapes. Helwich’s passion lies in questioning the “existing order”, taking into account questions of beauty and the ability of an artwork to improve the quality of everyday life in a complex urban environment.

Walter Helwich’s project Bi-monthly Sightings: White Space

‘Bi-monthly Sightings: White Space’, Walter Helwich

Walter Helwich

In order to produce a work on a timely basis, the artist produces a new print every month. Most of Walter Helwich’s works are collaborations with other artists.

The Invisible Made Visible

Walter Helwich, “Son of Red”, 2012

“The work is a sculpture I’ve been working on since 2008. I’ve put the core of the work together, but it’s only in the last few months that I’ve seen how I would like to present it, to put it on public view. The work has been conceived around the theme of unseen and unexplored territory. I’m interested in making the invisible visible, drawing attention to spaces that are normally unnoticed and downplayed by the environment.”

– Walter Helwich

Viewed from the perimeter of this building site, the space between the columns and the warehouse ceiling is not visible. This shows us that there is a wildness on the inside of this industrial building. I see it as a space that should be used more; this space can and should be used more.


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About Walter Helwich

Walter Helwich
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