Walter Martin Helwich

Walter Martin Helwich is a graduate from the University of California, Department of Computer Science. Later on, he continued his education in the field of advanced software technologies, at the Computing Faculty in Columbia.

Today, Walter Martin Helwich is a recognized IT expert, with his own business venture. Over the years he has worked on a number of IT projects, such as the development of applications for iPhone, iPad and Android (Tapita, Cazoop, news portal, Crazy Cocktail Mixer …). For several years he was engaged by one of America’s leading IT companies, Way Consulting Senior, originally as team leader for various software development projects (Casino Platform project and Lottery outsource project), and then was shifted to the position of top management, as a technical director.

Currently, Walter Martin Helwich leads the team at the company he co-founded “Walter Martin Helwich & Co.” As an IT programmer, Walter comes with great experience and thorough knowledge of several programming languages like PHP, Java, Python, Javascript, HTML5, PL / SQL, Objective C, C# and others.